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Medical Devices Theme


The goal of the Medical Devices Theme is to develop devices and technologies that can aid in diagnosis, treatment and management of various diseases. Emphasis is placed on innovation in engineering that addresses unmet medical needs. Research approaches include virtual prototyping based optimization of medical device design, and optimizing devices and instruments that may be of immediate needs of clinical applications.

Aparicio, Conrado Restorative Sciences
Ashkenazi, Shai Biomedical Engineering
Bechtold, Joan Orthopaedic Surgery
Bianco, Richard Surgery
Bischof, John Mechanical Engineering
Boulware, David Medicine
Buchwald, Henry Surgery
Campbell, Stephen Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cureoglu, Sebahattin Otolaryngology
Duprez, Daniel Medicine
Durfee, William Mechanical Engineering
Ebbini, Emad Electrical & Computer Engineering
Erdman, Arthur Mechanical Engineering
Fok, Alex Restorative Sciences
Hammer, Bruce Radiology - CMRR
Iaizzo, Paul Surgery
James, Richard Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics
Janardan, Ravi Computer Science & Engineering
Johnson, Matthew Biomedical Engineering
Kennedy, William Neurology
Koester, Steven Electrical & Computer Engineering
Levine, Samuel Otolaryngology
Li, Perry Mechanical Engineering
Lim, Hubert Biomedical Engineering
Low, Walter Neurosurgery
Odland, Rick Otolaryngology
Oh, Sang-Hyun Electrical & Computer Engineering
Panyam, Jayanth Pharmaceutics
Parhi, Keshab Electrical & Computer Engineering
Rajamani, Rajesh Mechanical Engineering
Saltzman, Daniel Surgery
Siegel, Ronald Pharmaceutics
Simone, Donald Diagnostic & Biological Sciences
Stadler, Bethanie Electrical & Computer Engineering
Timm, Gerald Urologic Surgery
Wang, Jian-Ping Electrical & Computer Engineering
Yee, Douglas Medicine, Pharmacology
Yueh, Bevan Otolaryngology


The Medical Device Innovation Handbook is a resource for those innovators who want to learn and follow a medical device innovation process. Its development is sponsored by the Medical Devices Center, affiliated with the Institute for Engineering in Medicine at the University of Minnesota.