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Cardiovascular Engineering Theme


The major research goal of the Cardiovascular Engineering Theme is to understand and seek solutions to manage cardiovascular diseases, which represent a major public health challenge in the US and developed countries. Multiscale approaches ranging from gene, cell, tissue, and organ levels, are being utilized. Cellular and tissue engineering approaches are being developed to repair cardiovascular systems. Novel imaging and sensing modalities are also being developed to understand the mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and provide engineering solutions to aid clinical diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases.

Barocas, Victor Biomedical Engineering
Bischof, John Mechanical Engineering
Duprez, Daniel Medicine
Ebbini, Emad Electrical & Computer Engineering
Foker, John Surgery
Garry, Daniel Medicine
Iaizzo, Paul Surgery
Shekhar, Shashi Computer Science & Engineering
Shen, Wei Biomedical Engineering
Steer, Clifford Medicine
Talkachova, Alena Biomedical Engineering
Tranquillo, Robert Biomedical Engineering
Wood, David Biomedical Engineering