Posters in Neuroengineering

NE01 Spike Activity in Primary Motor Cortex During Epicortical Direct Current Stimulation
Filippo Agnesi, Nathaniel Faber, Paul Yager, Kenneth B. Baker, and Matthew D. Johnson
NE02 Simultaneous High-Definition Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Motor Imagery Modulates Activity in the Motor Cortex
Bryan Baxter and Bin He
NE03 Reversal Learning and TaskEngine
Elias Boroda, Kelvin O. Lim, Brent Nelson, and Jazmin Camchong
NE04 Brain-Computer Interface and Mind-Body Awareness Training
Kaitlin Cassady, Albert You, Alex Doud, Chris Cline, James Stieger, and Bin He
NE05 Targeting Putative Mu Opioid/Chemokine Receptor Type 5 Heteromers Potently Attenuates Nociception in a Murine Model of Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy
Giuseppe Cataldo, Mary M. Lunzer, Sarah S. Shueb, Eyup Akgun, Philip S. Portoghese, and Donald A. Simone
NE06 Carbon Nano-Structured Electrodes and Optrodes for Multimodal Neural Investigations
Corey Cruttenden, Jennifer M Taylor, Anders Asp, Shan Hu, Xiao-Hong Zhu, Yi Zhang, Erin Larson, Mark Thomas, Wei Chen, Rajesh Rajamani
NE07 Decoding Motor Imagery Tasks Using High Spatiotemporal Resolution Neuroimaging Techniques
Bradley J. Edelman, Eric Nagarajan, and Bin He
NE08 Patient Enrollment Difficulties in Trial of Primed rTMS for Acute Stroke in U.S.
Kate Frost, Dianne Chappuis, Marsha Finkelstein, Lynnette Leuty, Allison McNulty, Erin Seifert, Lars Oddsson, Teresa Kimberley, and James Carey
NE09 Multimodal Synchronization Therapy: Exploring the Effects of Pinna Stimulation
Cory D. Gloeckner, Craig D. Markovitz, Sarah J. Offutt, Benjamin T. Smith, and Hubert H. Lim
NE10 Effects of Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity
Logan Grado, Abbey Holt, Matt Johnson, and Tay Netoff
NE11 New Improved Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Coils for Deep Brain Stimulation
Ravi L. Hadimani, Priyam Rastogi, and D.C. Jiles
NE12 A Spatial Multi-stage Decision Task for Rodents
Brendan Hasz and A. David Redish
NE13 Phasic Burst Stimulation: A Closed-Loop Approach to Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease
Abbey B. Holt, Max Shinn, and Tay I. Netoff
NE14 Improving Motor Recovery after Stoke by Combined rTMS and BCI Training
Nessa Johnson, Albert You, James Carey, Ann van de Winckel, Andrew Grande, and Bin He
NE15 Rapid Induction of Cerebral Organoids from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Using a Chemically Defined Hydrogel and Defined Cell Culture Medium
Beth Lindborg, John H. Brekke, Connor Ulrich, Kerri Haider, Sandhya Subramaniam, Scott Venhuizen, Qi Wang, Francisco Pelaez, Efrosini Kokkoli, Susan Keirstead, James Dutton, Jakub Tolar, and Timothy D. O’Brien
NE16 Different Learning Processes of Multichannel Versus Small Channel Configuration for Online Brain-Computer Interface
Jianjun Meng, Shuying Zhang, Angeliki Beyko, and Bin He
NE17 Hippocampal Activity Analysis with Magnetic Source Imaging
Machaela Mills, Gail Risse, and Wenbo Zhang
NE18 V4 LFP Signals Predict and Affect Behavioral Reliability in Non-human Primates During Shape Detection Task Training
Elisabeth Moore, Katherine Weiner, and Geoffrey Ghose
NE19 Exploration of Focused Ultrasound Insertion Behavior for Human Neuromodulation
J. Mueller, L. Ai, D. Gulick, P. Bansal, and W. Legon
NE20 Seizure Suppression in A Computational Model Using A Reinforcement Learning Deep Brain Stimulation Strategy
Vivek Nagaraj and Theoden I Netoff
NE21 A Bivalent Ligand (MCC22) Potently Inhibits Inflammatory and Neuropathic Pain Via Putative MOR-CCR5 Heteromers in Mouse Spinalcord
Phiilp S. Portoghese, Mary M. Lunzer, Michael D. Powers, Muhammad I Javed, Yuk K. Sham, Giuseppe Cataldo, Donald Simone, and Eyup Akgun
NE22 A Multiphysics Model of the Pacinian Corpuscle
Julia C. Quindlen, Henryk K. Stolarski, Martha Flanders, and Victor H. Barocas
NE23 Electrophysiological Correlates of Phosphenes Induced by Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation
Abhrajeet Roy and Bin He
NE24 Interrogation of PITX3 for Blastocyst Complementation in the Generation of Lens
Vibha Harinda Savanur, Zach Schultz, Holly Hewitt, Preethi Swaminathan, Andrew Crane, Joseph Voth, Dan Carlson, Scott Fahrenkrug, Dan Garry, Naoko Koyano, James Dutton, and Walter Low
NE25 Effects of Pre-processing and Post-processing on the Performance of SVM-Based Seizure Forecasting from iEEG
Han-Tai Shiao, Vladimir Cherkassky, Jieun Lee, Brandon Veber, Ned Patterson, Gregory A. Worrell, and Benjamin H. Brinkmann
NE26 EEG and MEG Source Localization: From Competition to Cooperation
Abbas Sohrabpour, Yunfeng Lu, Wenbo Zhang, and Bin He
NE27 Thalamocortical Relationship in Epileptic Patients with Generalized Spike and Wave Discharges — A Multimodal Neuroimaging Study
Clara Huishi Zhang, Zhiyi Sha, John Mundahl, Sa Liu, Yunfeng Lu, Thomas R. Henry, and Bin He


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