Posters in Medical Devices

DE01 Instrumented Catheter to Measure Pressure Profile in Urethra
Mahdi Ahmadi, Rajesh Rajamani and Gerry Timm
DE02 Conquering Mass Transport Limitations of Optical Biosensors by Active Concentration
Avijit Barik, Xiaoshu Chen, and Sang-Hyun Oh
DE03 Dynamic Biomarker Networks for Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modeling of PFOA as Chemotherapeutic Agent
Matteo Convertino, Timothy R. Church, and Geary Olsen
DE04 Robot-aided Training With Multimodal Feedback Improves Proprioceptive Function
Anna Vera Cuppone, Naveen Elangovan, Valentina Squeri, Joshua Aman, Leonardo Cappello, Lorenzo Masia, Marianna Semprini, and Jürgen Konczak
DE05 Computational Modeling of Lesion Softening in Angioplasty and Atherectomy Procedures
Rohit Deokar, and Barney Klamecki
DE06 Robot-aided Measures of Proprioceptive Acuity Across the Adult Lifespan
Naveen Elangovan, Carmen Krewer, Joshua E. Aman, Leonardo Cappello, Sara Contu, Sanaz Khosravani, Lorenzo Masia, and Jürgen Konczak
DE07 Piezoelectric Nanostructures for Sensing and Energy Harvesting: Zinc Oxide Nanowires and Diphenylalanine Peptide Microrods
Kory Jenkins, Vu Nguyen, Ren Zhu, and Rusen Yang
DE08 Cryopreservation of Zebrafish Embryos: New Approach
Kanav Khosla, Zhenpeng Qin, and John Bischof
DE09 Fully-Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator Devices for In Vivo Radiation Cancer Therapy
Yulong Li, Warren M. Porter, Rui Ma, Margaret A. Reynolds, Bruce J. Gerbi, Steven J. Koester
DE10 In Vitro Irreversible Electroporation on Carcinoma Cells
Feng Liu, Connie Chung, Qi Shao, and John C. Bischof
DE11 Portfolio Decision Technology for Designing Optimal Syndemic Management
Yang Liu, and Matteo Convertino
DE12 Pharmacokinetics of a Diazepam Prodrug/Enzyme Combination Following Nasal Administration in Rats for Treatment of Seizure Emergencies
PA Maglalang, LD Coles, U Mishra, C Rath, JM Fine, L Hanson, H Lee, M Kapoor, G Georg, RA Siegel, and JC Cloyd
DE13 7T MRI RF Coil Using Composite Right/Left Handed Materials
Vijayaraghavan Panda, Anand Gopinath, Sung-Min Sohn, and J. Thomas Vaughan
DE14 IEM Cancer Animal Core Lab
Qi Shao, and John Bischof
DE15 Thermal Contrast Amplification Bioassay Technology
Yiru Wang, Zhenpeng Qin, David Boulware, and John Bischof
DE16 New Generation of Lateral Flow Assay for Thermal Contrast Reader
Li Zhan, Zhenpeng Qin, and John Bischof
DE17 Sensors on Instrumented Socks for Detection of Lower Leg Edema – An In Vitro Study
Song Zhang, Rajesh Rajamani, L. Alexander, A.S. Sezen, and B.J. Johnson
DE18 Graphene Varactors for Bio-medical Sensing Application
Yao Zhang, Rui Ma, Steven Koester, and Philippe Buhlmann


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