Posters in Medical Devices

Flexible distributed sensing strip for a urethral catheter
Mahdi Ahmadi, Rajesh Rajamani, Gerald Timm, Arthur Erdman
Radiofrequency Heating of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Cryobiological Applications
Connie Chung, Navid Manuchehrabadi, Katie Hurley, Christy Haynes, Michael Etheridge, John Bischof
Robot-aided assessment of wrist proprioception in a deafferented stroke patient
Naveen Elangovan, Joshua Aman, I-Ling Yeh, Juergen Konczak
Development of Magnetoresistive Sensors for Brain Activity Mapping
Yinglong Feng, Todd Klein, Michael Sandstedt, Mahendra D.C., Susan Keirstead, Walter Low, Jian-Ping Wang
Pallidal deep brain stimulation in the behaving 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine nonhuman primate model of Parkinson's disease
Claudia M. Hendrix, Weinstock, Zachary Baker, Kenneth B., Vitek, Jerrold L
On Population Structure and Epidemic Dynamics: Role of Modeling, Public Health Practice and Art
Haejin Hwang, Yang Liu, Matteo Convertino
Handheld multiplex diagnosis system for disease early detection
Todd Klein, Michael Sandstedt, Lina Yu, Wei Wang, Liang Tu, Yi Wang, Yinglong Feng, Kristin Boylan, Amy Skubitz, Jian-Ping Wang
Electrophysiological Changes in MI Rats Induced by VNS
Steven W. Lee, Xueyi Xie, Christian Maes, Joseph Ippolito, Bruce H. KenKnight, Elena G. Tolkacheva
Fully-Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator Devices for Use as Dosimeters in Radiation Cancer Therapy
Yulong Li, Warren M. Poter, Ivan Roth, Chaitanya Kshirsagar, Yang Su, Bruce J. Gerbi, Margaret A. Reynolds, Steven J. Koester
Effect of Cryoablaion on Phrenic Nerve Function
Lars M Mattison, Dannah L Reitter, Paul Iaizzo
Predicting Failures of Product Innovations-in-use: Application of Predictive Analytics to Big Data on Market Failures of Medical Devices
Ujjal Kumar Mukherjee and Kingshuk Sinha
Design of a Hydraulic Ankle-Foot Orthosis
Jonathan Nath, Brett Neubauer, William Durfee
Electronic Stethoscope Design for High Noise Environments
Garrett Nelson, Rajesh Rajamani, Arthur Erdman
A scalable in vitro system for the generation of large quantities of stem cell derived hepatocytes
Ravali Raju, David Chau,Catherine Verfaille,Wei-Shou Hu
High Bandwidth Force Clamp for motor protein investigation
Subhrajit Roychowdhury, Shreyas Bhaban, Srinivasa Salapaka, Mingang Li, Thomas Hays, Murti Salapaka
Barcoding cells using magnetic nanowires: Multiplexed detection in biological assays
Anirudh Sharma, Seung Yeon Kim, Yuechen Zhu, Gregory Orlowski, Daniel Shore, Allison Hubel, Bethanie Stadler
Motion tracking and sensor fusion design for VR/AR based medical simulation interfaces
Yunhe Shen, Kuo-Shih Tzeng, Nanwei Yao, Fan Wu, Ding Ye, Robert Sweet
Next-Generation Peripheral Neuropathy Thermal Testing Device
Yasir Tajeldin, Soon Keat Teoh (Edwin), Lin Lin, Nikita Novik
Magnetic Detection of Mercuric Ion Using Giant Magnetoresistive Based Biosensing System
Wei Wang, Yi Wang, Liang Tu, Todd Klein, Yinglong Feng, Jian-Ping Wang
Lab-based GMR biosensing probe station system for multiplex protein assays
Yi Wang, Wei Wang, Lina Yu, Liang Tu, Yinglong Feng, Todd Klein, Michael Anderson, Jian-Ping Wang
Thermal Contrast Amplification Bioassay Technology
Yiru Wang, Zhenpeng Qin, Warren Chan, David Boulware, Tanner Akkin, Elissa Butler, John Bischof
Viscosity Effect on the Brownian Relaxation Based Detection for  Immunoassay Applications
Kai Wu, Lina Yu, Xiqian Zheng, Yi Wang, Yinglong Feng, Liang Tu, Jian-Ping Wang
Development of a low-cost BCI solution using the Emotiv platform
Albert You and Bin He
Graphene Varactors for Gas and Liquid Phase Bio-sensing
Yao Zhang, Rui Ma, Steven Koester


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