Posters in Medical and Biological Imaging

Design, Selection, and Application of Novel Molecularly Targeted Probes for Disease State Imaging and Therapy
Brett A. Case, Sadie M. Johnson, Lawrence A. Stern, Benjamin J. Hackel
Evaluating the Performance of Endo-rectal MRI Coil Designs for Prostate Imaging at 7 Tesla
M. Arcan Erturk, Gregor Adriany, Greg J. Metzger
Imaging the causes and consequences of adolescent inhalant abuse
Chris Hlynialuk, Amanda J. Talan, Elizabeth Steuer, Emily Kittelson, Kristin Mathson, Wynne K. Schiffer
Imaging, Modeling and Preservation of Hearts with Congenital Defects
Tinen Iles, Brian Howard, Robroy MacIver, James St. Louis, Rebecca Ameduri, Paul A. Iaizzo
Support Vector Machines for Automated Detection of Prostate Cancer using Multiparametric MRI
Ethan Leng and Greg Metzger
Simultaneous Determination of Electrical Properties and Proton Density in a Generalized Gradient-based Electrical Properties Tomography
Jiaen Liu, Xiaotong Zhang, Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele, Sebastian Schmitter, Bin He
Synthesis, Characterization and Testing of a Lifetime-based Activatable Probe for Photoacoustic Imaging
Ekaterina Morgounova, Sadie M. Johnson, Benjamin J. Hackel, Michael Wilson, Shai Ashkenazi
JPStitch 2.0: a Software for Volumetric Reconstruction and Analysis of Digitized Pathology
Jung W. Nam, Chaitanya Kalavagunta, Stephen C. Dankbar, Johnathan Henricksen, Stephen C. Schmechel, Gregory J. Metzger
Accessing Higher IONP Concentrations for MRI Contrast
Hattie L. Ring, Katie R. Hurley, Michael L. Etheridge, Jinjin Zheng, John C. Bischof, Christy L. Haynes, Michael Garwood
Neural correlates of consciousness revealed by simultaneous EEG-fMRI during binocular rivalry
Abhrajeet Roy, Keith Jamison, Pan Cheng, Stephen Engel, Sheng He, Bin He
Computer-Aided Analysis of Retinal Fundus Images for Hypertension
Sohini Roychowdhury, Dara D. Koozekanani, Keshab K. Parhi
IEM Animal Cancer Core
Qi Shao and John Bischof
Photoacoustic lifetime for direct in vivo tissue oxygen imaging
Qi Shao and Shai Ashkenazi
High resolution imaging for post mortem samples at 9.4T
Sengupta Shubharthi, Alard Roebroeck, Gregor Adriany, Rainer Goebel
Waveguide Optical Micromachined Ultrasound Transducer (WOMUT) for High Frequency Ultrasound Detection
Mohammad Amin Tadayon, Martha-Elizabeth Baylor, Shai Ashkenazi
Semi-automated quantification of skeletal muscle histology
Mayank Verma, Atsushi Asakura
Image Reconstruction in the Presence of B0 Inhomogeneity
Paul Wang, Albert Jang, Naoharu Kobayashi, Michael Garwood
The Effects of Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Hypertension Heart Disease Rats
Xueyi Xie, Steven Lee, Bruce KenKnight, John Osborn, Elena Tolkacheva
High-frequency Magnetoacoustic Tomography with Magnetic Induction for Impedance Imaging
Kai Yu, Leo Mariappan, Bin He
Reduced default-mode network dynamics using the rest state in sickle cell disease patients
Huishi Zhang, John Mundahl, Michelle Case, Yvonne Datta, Stephen Nelson, Kalpna Gupta, Bin He
Predictive Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer Tissue from MRI Image Data
Jia Zhang, Vladimir Cherkassky, Greg Metzger, Han-Tai Shiao
Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Approaches to Thermal Therapy and Nanomedicine Biodistribution
Jinjin Zhang, Hattie L. Ring, Katie R. Hurley, Qi Shao, Michael L. Etheridge, Djaudat Idiyatullin, Lynn Utecht, Seongho Jeon, Christ Hogan, Christy .L. Haynes, John C. Bischof, P. Jack Hoopes, Michael Garwood
Prediction of Subject-specific Local RF Heating in Ultra-high-field MRI Applications: A Physical Phantom Validation
Xiaotong Zhang, Jiaen Liu, Sebastian Schmitter, Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele, Bin He


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