Posters in Cardiovascular Engineering

Effects of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage-Borne Factors on Vascular Contractility: Toward Cerebral Vasospasm-on-a-Chip
Eric S. Hald, Kerianne E. Steucke, Jack A. Reeves, Zaw Win, Patrick W. Alford
Human Heart Library and Cardiac Model Reconstruction
Brian Howard, Julianne Spencer, Michael Eggen, Michael Bateman, Tinen Iles, Paul Iaizzo
Transmurally differentiated measurements of myocardial ATP hydrolysis rate in vivo
Albert Jang, Wiena Cui, Pengyuan Zhang, Jianyi Zhang
Cardiac tissue-inspired extracellular matrix (ECM)-based scaffolds
Jangwook P. Jung, Jayne M. Squirrell, Quyen A. Tran, Paul J. Campagnola, Brenda M. Ogle
Biorelevant 3D ECM micoenvironment for stem cell differentiation and delivery to the heart
Philip Jung, Jianyi Zhang, Brenda Ogle
Experimental Investigation on Spatial Dynamics of Bifurcation to Alternans in Paced Rabbit Hearts
Kanchan Kulkarni, Ramjay Visweswaran, Sze Yuen Tan, Xiaopeng Zhao, Elena G. Tolkacheva
Effects of Chemical and Physical Stimulation on Endothelial Differentiaion of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Anh T. La and Robert T. Tranquillo
Myocardial energy levels and cardiac function can be improved following ischemia and/or stress
Daniel Labuz, James Berry, John Foker
Dependence of Whole Blood Rheology on Oxygen Concentration in Sickle Cell Disease
Xinran Lu, John Higgins, David Wood
In-vivo thermal monitoring of cryoablation of pulmonary vein using a 3 omega sensor
Harishankar Natesan, Jeunghwan Choi, Sean D Lubner, Chris Dames, John Bischof
Novel entropy approach to identify the core of the rotors in Atrial fibrillation
Shivaram Poigai Arunachalam, Paul A. Friedman, Siva K. Mulpuru, Elena G. Tolkacheva
Analyzing the Perforation Force Before, During and Following Cardiac Ablation
Stephen G. Quallich and Paul A. Iaizzo
Tubular Heart Valves from Sutured Coaxial Engineered Tissue Tube
Jay Reimer, Zeeshan Syedain, Bee Haynie, Robert Tranquillo
A High Throughput Screening System for Optimization of Engineered Cardiac Tissue
Jeremy Schaefer and Robert T. Tranquillo
Optimization Of Cyclic Stretching For Acceleration Of Collagen Production In Fibrin-Based Engineered Tissue Equivalents
Jillian B. Schmidt and Robert T. Tranquillo
The Recording of Monophasic Action Potentials Simultaneously from both the Epicardial and Endocardial Surfaces of Porcine Hearts
Megan M. Schmidt, Tinen L. Iles, Gabriel A. Hernandez, Mark A. Benscoter, Michael R. Franz, Paul A. Iaizzo
Tissue Response to Therapeutic Ablative Modalities
Ashish Singal, Charles L. Soule, John R. Ballard, Erik N. Cressman, Paul A. Iaizzio
Automatic Segmentation of Heterogeneous Tissues Based on Deformation Gradient Jump
Colleen Witzenburg, Rohit Dhume, Victor Barocas
Finite Element Modeling of Myocardial Infarction
Ting Yang, Zhaoye Zhou, Bin He
Temporal Sparse Promoting 3D Cardiac Activation Imaging: An Animal Validation
Long Yu, Zhaoye Zhou, Steve Pogwizd, Bin He
Derivation And High Engraftment Of Patient-specific Cardiomyocyte-sheet Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Generated From Adult Cardiac Fibroblast
Liying Zhang, Jing Guo, Pengyuan Zhang, Qiang Xiong, Steven C. Wu, Lily Xia, Jakub Tolar, Timothy D. O’Connell, Michael Kyba, Kenneth Liao,  Jianyi Zhang


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