Posters in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

Hepatic differentiation of porcine-induced pluripotent stem cells in vitro
Rajagopal N Aravalli, Erik N. Cressman, Clifford J. Steer
Establishment and characterization of a unique 1 um diameter liver-derived progenitor cell line
Rajagopal N Aravalli, M. Behnan Sahin, Erik N. Cressman, Clifford J. Steer
In Vitro direct reprograming of SOX9 positive progenitor cells of the human bile duct towards a beta cell fate –Progress towards making beta cells for autologous cell therapy in Type 1 diabetic patients
Anannya Banga and James Dutton
Direct Reprogramming of Fibroblasts into Skeletal Muscle or Neural Lineages by Using a Single Transcription Factor With or Without MyoD Transactivation Domain
Nandkishore R. Belur, Atsushi Asakura, Tomohide Takaya
Cleavage of the cell adhesion molecule Nectin-4 from the surface of ovarian cancer cells: A Mechanism for cancer progression and a novel serum biomarker
Kristin L.M. Boylan, Petra C. Buchanan, Adam Meyer, Bruce Walcheck, Amy P.N. Skubitz
High Throughput 3D Cell Migration Assay to Elucidate Mechanisms of Metastasis
Marie-Elena Brett and David K. Wood
Hyperexcitability of spinal neurons contributes to pain in a transgenic mouse model of sickle cell disease
Giuseppe Cataldo, Kalpna Gupta, Donald A. Simone
Stem Cell Pluripotent State Transition: Going From Embryonic Stem Cells to An Extraembryonic Precursor State and Back
Dong Seong Cho, Shikha Sharma, Haiyun Pei, Catherine Verfaillie, Wei-Shou Hu
Iron oxide nanoparticles for the development of diagnostics and therapeutics of brain cancer
Huy Donguyen, Andrew Gardeck, Michael Olin, Tanmoy Sadhuka, Ameya Kirtane, Michael Harris, Jayanth Panyam, Timothy Wiedmann, Jian-Ping Wang, Scott McIvor, Efie Kokkoli, Karen Ashe, Susan Wolf, Walter Low
Manufacturing hiPS cell derived Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells for Autologous Therapy
James R Dutton, Sandhya Subramaniam, Jacob Maxon, Kristin Voltzke, Jessica Baden, Patrick Walsh, Ann M Parr
Antibiotic Cellbots
Katherine Geldart, Brittany Forkus, Maria McClintock, Panagiota Kyriakou
Aged Lung Matrix Induces Profibrotic Phenotype in Lung Cells
Lindsay M. Godin, Carolyn M. Meyer, Amy M. Matson, Andrew P. Price, Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari
Inferring cell differentiation pathway from single-cell RNA-seq data
Wuming Gong, Naoko Koyano-Nakagawa, Wei Pan, Daniel J. Garry
Multiscale model of glomerular basement membrane mechanics
Lazarina Gyoneva, Mohammad Hadi, Kevin Dorfman, Yoav Segal, Victor Barocas
The p53 tumor suppressor protein limits adipogenic and osteogenic transdifferentiation of satellite cells
Yuki Hirano, Shigeru Morita, Motohiro Komaki, Yoko Asakura, Michael A. Rudnicki, Atsushi Asakura
Computational Model of IgA Transport into the Mesangium
Sarah Hunt, Yoav Segal, Kevin Dorfman, Victor Barocas
Cyotoxic Synthetic Chemical Polymers as a New Class of Anticancer Agents
W Ji, D Panus, W Han, C Wang
Engineering Probiotic Bacteria as Antibiotic Alternatives
Yiannis Kaznessis, Brittany Forkus, Kathryn Geldart, Panagiota Kyriakou, Maria McClintock, Michail Vlysidis
In vivo and in silico modeling of glioblastoma tumor progression
Rebecca L. Klank and David J. Odde
Tumor Targeting: Combinatorial Protein Library Design for Engineering Picomolar Affinity
Max Kruziki and Daniel Woldring
Dual-Targeted Liposomal Gene Delivery for Cancer Therapy
Rachel M. Levine and Efie Kokkoli
Pattern formation and growth control in the Drosophila wing disc development
Lin Lin and Hans Othmer
Rapid induction of cerebral organoids from human induced pluripotent stem cells using a chemically defined hydrogel and defined cell culture medium
Beth Lindborg, John Brekke, Kerri Haider, Connor Ulrich, Amanda Vegoe, Sandhya Subramaniam, Scott Venhuizen, Francisco Pelaez, Efrosini Kokkoli, Walter Low, James Dutton, Jakub Tolar, Timothy O’Brien
IEM Group Poster - The Genesis Project for Organ, Tissue, and Cell Engineering
W. Low, R. Aravalli, A. Asakura, D. Carlson, M. Cheeran, J. Dutton, S. Fahrenkrug, D. Garry, M. Garry, A. Grande, P. Hackett, H. Hewitt, W-S. Hu, N. Koyano, V. Krishna, T. O'Brien, A. Parr, A. Panoskaltsis-Motari, T. Rassmussen, W. Shen, C. Steer, P. Swaminathan, J. Tolar, R. Tranquillo, F. Xiao, J. Zhang.
Actin Turnover in Migrating Glioma Cells
Brannon McCullough and David Odde
Dynamic Cellular Biomarkers for Poor Prognosis Cancers
David Odde, Amy Skubitz, Patrick Alford, Matthew Hunt, Allison Hubel, Walter Low, James McCarthy, Jeff McCullough, Paolo Provenzano, Jonathan Sachs, Chun Wang, David Wood, Brenda Ogle
The Influence of Dendritic Cell Type and Maturation State on Transfection Efficiency of Synthetic Polymer-based DNA Vaccine Carriers
D Panus, W Ji, C Wang
DNA Nanotubes and Nanotapes Formed via Self-Assembly of ssDNA-Amphiphiles
Timothy R Pearce and Efie Kokkoli
Engineered biomaterials for preventing peripheral nerve injury and healing chronic wounds
Kelsey Pflepsen, Mengen Zhang, Mihir Gupta, Tasneem Poonawala, Mariya Farooqui, Marna E. Ericson, Chun Wang, Wei Shen, Kalpna Gupta
Microtubules and glioma cell mechanosensing
Louis S. Prahl, Patrick Bangasser, David J. Odde
Etv2 is activated by Mesp1 in early mesoderm and is required cell autonomously in all vascular cells
Tara L. Rasmussen, Xiaozhong Shi, Camille A. Walter, Mary G. Garry, Michael Kyba, James A. Thomson, Naoko Koyano-Nakagawa, Daniel J. Garry
Polarization and migration of carcinoma cells on nano-patterned substrates
Arja Ray, Oscar Lee, Samantha Madden, Deok-ho Kim, Paolo Provenzano
Fibronectin Mimetic Peptide-Amphiphile Hydrogels for 3D Cell Entrapment
Carolyn Scott and Efrosini Kokkoli
Finite Element Modeling of Cell Traction
Ghaidan Shamsan and David Odde
Detection of ovarian cancer biomarkers in routine Pap tests by mass spectrometry based proteomic techniques
Amy P.N. Skubitz, Kristin L.M. Boylan, Somi Afiuni, Timothy J. Griffin, Melissa A. Geller
Characterization of chimeric human porcine blastocysts
Preethi Swaminathan, Holly Hewitt, Feng Xiao, James Dutton, Sandhya Subramaniam, Sandra Wagner, Naoko Koyano, Daniel Garry, Randy Daughters, Walter C. Low
Mitotic Error Correction in Budding Yeast
Emily S. Tubman and David J. Odde
Morphine stimulates wound healing via mu opioid receptor and promotes wound closure in sickle mice
Ying Wang, Derek Vang, Marna E. Ericson, Michael Ansonoff, John E Pintar, Robert P. Hebbel, Kalpna Gupta
In situ controllable lateral assembly of protein conjugated gold nano particles for anti-HIV application
Bin Xu, Jason Guo, Ronald A. Siegel, Wei Shen
Lumbar spine facet capsular ligament biaxial testing/Multiscale modeling
Vahhab Zarei, Amy Claeson, Victor Barocas
Pharmacogenetic stimulation of orexin neurons increases spontaneous physical activity in vivo
Anastasia N. Zink, Charles Billington, Catherine Kotz


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