Posters in Medical Devices

MD1 Nanotechnology Development and Applications for Clinical Neuroscience Applications
Jian-Ping Wang, Walter Low, Subree Subramanian, John Bischof, Jayanth Panyam, Kelvin Lim, Carston Wagner, Christy Haynes, Clifford Steer, Chun Wang, Wei Shen, Michael Garwood , Amy P.N. Skubitz,Sang-Hyun Oh, Rhonda Frankllin, Ramesh Harjani, Beth Stadler, Mo Li, Cornelius Lam, Andrew Grande, Ann Parr, Timothy Wiedmann, Gunda I. Georg, Shalom Michaeli, Mike Olin
MD2 Medical Devices Center Facilities
Arthur Erdman
MD3 Medical Devices Center Innovation
Arthur Erdman
MD4 Medical Devices Center Equipment
Arthur Erdman
MD5 Optimization of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles by Density Gradient Centrifugation and Surface Modification
Daniel J. Bakke, Katie R. Hurley, Christy L. Haynes
MD6 Design of an Energy Storing Orthosis for Restoring Walking for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury
Kyle Boughner
MD7 Priming the Brain to Optimize rTMS Delivery in Stroke
Cassidy JM, Ahn R, Alberts K, Bauer K, Berchem J, Bieniek J, Brinkmann E, Carey JR
MD8 Bio-mimetic Mineralization of Recombinant Polymer Scaffolds with a Statherin-inspired Biomotif
Xi Chen, Yuping Li, Conrado Aparicio
MD9 What, Who, When, Why, Where, How Much: New Computational Complexity Tools for Socio-Ecological Analysis and Design for Global Health
Matteo Convertino, William Toscano
MD10 A Fast, Low-Cost, Computer Vision Based Approach for Tracking Surgical Tools
Rod Dockter, Tim Kowalewski
MD11 Radiofrequency Heated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
Michael Etheridge, Katie Hurley, Jinjin Zhang, Seongho Jeon, Yi Xu, Jeunghwan Choi, Chris Hogan, Christy Haynes, Michael Garwood, John Bischof
MD12 Magnetic Nanoparticles Colorization using a Mixing-frequency Method for Biomedical Applications
Yinglong Feng, Liang Tu, Xiqian Zheng, Jian-Ping Wang
MD13 Home to Clinic Connectivity: Video Telehealth Care Coordination for Complex Pediatric Patients
Finkelstein SM, Cady RG, Erickson M, et al
MD14 A Head and Neck Support Device for Inducing Local Hypothermia
Adam C. Gladen, John C. Bischof, Arthur G. Erdman, Paul A. Iaizzo, Afshin A. Divani
MD15 Understanding and Controlling Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Aggregation for Improved Imaging and Therapy
Katie R. Hurley, Michael Etheridge, Jinjin Zhang,  Michael Garwood, John Bischof, Christy L. Haynes
MD16 Membrane-Targeting Approaches for Enhanced Cancer Cell Destruction with Irreversible Electroporation
Chunlan Jiang, Zhenpeng Qin, John Bischof
MD17 A Smartphone Integrated Handheld GMR System for Disease Early Detection and Monitoring
Todd Klein, Liang Tu, Yinglong Feng, Hoang Tran, Xiqian Zheng, Michael Sandstedt, Jonathon Pechuman, Samiha Sultana, Jian-Ping Wang
MD18 Ultrasmall Dosimeters for In Vivo Radiation Cancer Therapy
Y. Li, W. Porter, I. Roth, C. Kshrisagar, Y. Su, J.-B. Yau, B. J. Gerbi, M. A. Reynolds, S. J. Koester
MD19 Bioinspired Mineralization in the Hydrogel Framework: An Approach to Inorganic-organic Composites with Complex Morphologies
Y.P. Li, X. Chen, Rodriguez-Cabello, C. Aparicio
MD20 Computational Modeling of Pelvic Floor Stress Distribution and Its Implications in Urinary Incontinence
Chi-Lun Lin, Guangjian Wang, Arthur Erdman, Gerald Timm
MD21 Intelligent and Multifunctional FeSi Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
Jinming Liu, Ying Jing, Md Mehedi
MD22 Critical and Complex Technological Capability Development for Health Care Delivery : Multi-Year Field Study of a Surgical (da Vinci) Robot in a Multi-Specialty Hospital
Ujjal Kumar Mukherjee, Shoubhik Sinha, Scott Bosch, Kingshuk K. Sinha
MD23 Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Thin Biological Tissues
Harishankar Natesan, Jeunghwan Choi, Sean Lubner, Chris Dames, John Bischof
MD24 CORVUS Full-Body Surgical Robotics Research Platform
John O'Neill, Tim Kowalewski
MD25 Iron and Lanthanide-Based Fluorine Contrast Agents and Responsive Contrast Agents for MRI
Valerie C. Pierre, Malgorzata Marjanska, Evan Weitz
MD26 Thermal Contrast of Lateral Flow Immunoassays Significantly Improves Analytical Sensitivity
Zhenpeng Qin, Warren C. W. Chan, David Boulware, Taner Akkin, John C. Bischof
MD27 High Bandwidth Optical Force Clamp for Investigation of Molecular Motors
Subhrajit Roychowdhury, Shreyas Bhavan, Murti Salapaka, Srinivasa Salapaka
MD28 Experimental Needfinding Methods with Applications to Surgical Robotics
Cory Schaffhausen, Timothy Kowalewski
MD29 Barcoding Cells using Nanowires: Multiplexing, Separation and Therapeutic Potential
Anirudh Sharma, Yuechen Zhu, Seung Y Kim, Gregory Orlowski, Allison Hubel, Bethanie Stadler
MD30 Error-Avoiding Surgical Robotics via Smart Tools
Astrini Sie, Michael Winek, Timothy M. Kowalewski
MD31 A Spintronic and Nano-magnetic Integrated Bench-top System for Biomarker Detection and Validation
Yi Wang, Lina Yu, Jian-Ping Wang
MD32 In Vivo Tissue Characterization and Decay
Michael Winek, Jack Stubbs, Robert Sweet, Timothy M Kowalewski
MD33 Nanohole Surface Plasmon Resonance and Microcontact Printing for Characterization of a Recombinant Antibody that Promotes Nervous System Repair
Nathan J. Wittenberg, Luke R. Jordan, Xiaohua Xu, Shailabh Kumar, Daehan Yoo, Jens O. Watzlawik, Arthur E. Warrington, Moses Rodriguez, Sang-Hyun Oh

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