Posters in Medical and Biological Imaging


IM1 Direct Estimation of Carotid Artery Wall Strain Parameters
Yasaman Adibi, Emad Ebbini
IM2 Non-Invasive In Vivo Temperature Estimation Using Pulse Echo Ultrasound
Mahdi Bayat, John R Ballard, Emad S Ebbini
IM3 Applications of Micro-CT in Biomedical Imaging
Yung-Chung Chen, Bonita Van Heel, Alex Fok
IM4 High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Breast MRI using SWIFT
C Corum, D Idiyatullin, J Benson, A Snyder, C Snyder, D Hutter, L Everson, L Eberly, M Nelson, M Garwood
IM5 Adaptive Third-order Volterra Filter for Detection and  Tracking of Nonlinear Oscillations in Ultrasound Echo Data
Juan Du, Emad Ebbini
IM6 Beamforming in the MRI
E. Ebbini, L.DelaBarre, J. T. Vaughan, A. Gopinath
IM7 Combined MicroCT imaging and Finite Element Analysis of Trabecular Bone Fracture
Curtis Goreham-Voss, Caitlin Feeley, Andrew Freeman, Joergen Baas, Kjeld Soballe, Joan E. Bechtold
IM8 Noninvasive Transcranial Surgery with Dual-Mode Ultrasound Arrays
Haritonova A., Wilken-Resman E., Bayat M., Wang X., Chen W., Ebbini E.S.
IM9 In Vivo Imaging of the Electrical Properties of Human Brain Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Gradient-based Approach
Jiaen Liu, Xiaotong Zhang, Sebastian Schmitter, Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele, Bin He
IM10 Magneto Acoustic Tomography with Magnetic Induction (MAT-MI)
Leo Mariappan, Bin He
IM11 Photoacoustic Lifetime Contrast Imaging: A Promising Approach for Activatable Molecular Probes
Ekaterina Morgounova, Qi Shao, Sadie Johnson, Benjamin Hackel, Shai Ashkenazi
IM12 Screening Fundus Images for Diabetic Retinopathy
Sohini Roychowdhury, Dara D. Koozekanani, Keshab K. Parhi
IM13 Biomatter Characterization at the Nanoscale
Govind Saraswat, Murti Salapaka, G. Haugstad
IM14 In Vivo Imaging of Tissue Oxygen by Photoacoustic Lifetime
Qi Shao, Ekaterina Morgounova, John Bischof, Shai Ashkenazi
IM15 Characterization of an Improved Polyimide-Etalon All-optical Transducer for High Frequency Ultrasound
Clay Sheaff, Shai Ashkenazi
IM16 Single Mode Optical Cavity for High Sensitivity Optical Ultrasound Detector
Mohammad Amin Tadayon, Martha-Elizabeth Baylor, Shai Ashkenazi
IM17 Simultaneous In Vivo 1H and 31P MRS Acquisition in Ischemic Rat Brain at Ultrahigh Field
Jennifer M Taylor, Xiao-Hong Zhu, Yi Zhang, Wei Chen
IM18 Visualization of Cartilage Canal Blood Vessels in Porcine Epiphyseal Cartilage using Novel MRI Sequences
Ferenc Toth, Mikko Nissi, Jinjin Zhang, Michael Garwood, Jutta Ellermann, Michael Benson, Cathy Carlson
IM19 Serial Optical Coherence Scanner for Large-scale Brain Imaging at Microscopic Resolution
Hui Wang, Junfeng Zhu, Taner Akkin
IM20 Ultrasound-Based Simultaneous Imaging of Tissue Motion and Flow Velocity
Fei Zheng, Emad Ebbini

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