Posters in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

CE1 Engineered Microfluidic Model, Tissue, and Drug Delivery Systems to Develop Targeted Therapies to Treat Pain in Sickle Cell Disease and Cancer
Kalpna Gupta,Chun Wang, Robert P Hebbel, Paolo Provenzano, Wei Shen, Donald A Simone, David Wood, Doug Yee
CE2 Cell Engineering Approach to Dynamic Cellular Biomarkers for Poor Prognosis Cancers
David Odde, Amy Skubitz, Patrick Alford, Ben Hackel, Matthew Hunt, Allison Hubel, Walter Low, Jeff McCullough, Paolo Provenzano, Jonathan Sachs, Ron Siegel, Bob Tranquillo, Chun Wang, Yoichi Watanabe, David Wood, Brenda Ogle
CE3 Biopreservation Core Resource
Allison Hubel, Amy Skubitz, Dave McKenna, Chris Wendt
CE4 Biopreservation Core Resource Research Projects
Allison Hubel
CE5 A Novel Method for Characterizing Bending Rigidity of Lipid Vesicles using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Anthony R. Braun, Jonathan N. Sachs
CE6 High Throughput Flow-based Analysis of 3D Cell Migration
Marie-Elena Brett, Kalpna Gupta, David K. Wood
CE7 Role of Lateral Interactions in Collagen IV Network Mechanics
Lazarina Gyoneva, Mohammad Hadi, Yoav Segal, Kevin Dorfman, Victor H. Barocas
CE8 Protein Engineering for Molecular Imaging and Targeted Therapy
Benjamin Hackel, Brett Case, Larry Stern, Daniel Woldring, Sadie Johnson, Max Kruziki
CE9 Use of Annotated Chinese Hamster Reference Genome and Transcriptome to Investigate Regulatory Mechanisms and Mutation Rates
Jacob N.M., Yusufi F.N.K., Chin J.X., Lee T.S., Johnson K.J., Vishwanathan N., Yongky A., Sharma M., Lee D.-Y., Karypis G., Yap M., Hu W.-S.
CE10 Characterizing the Motility and Progression of Malignant Gioma
Rebecca L. Klank, David J. Odde
CE11 Human Annulus Fibrosus Lamellae Generate Significant Multi-axial Forces and Moments in Biaxial Extension
Tina M. Nagel, Mikhail Golman, David J. Nuckley, Victor H. Barocas
CE12 Senescence and Cell Function: Pre-freeze and Post-thaw Analysis of Clinical MSC Products
Kathryn Pollock, Darin Sumstadt, Diane Kadidlo, David H McKenna, Allison Hubel
CE13 Evaluating Microtubule Distribution and Dynamics in Response to Targeted Chemotherapy
Louis S. Prahl, Jordan N. Bernens, Brian T. Castle, David J. Odde
CE14 Elucidating the Mechanism behind Stem-Cell Derived Hepatocytes using Transcriptome Analysis
Ravali Raju, David Chau,Jason Owens, Kartik Subramanian,Catherine Verfaillie,Wei-Shou Hu
CE15 Nanopatterned Substrates to Investigate Cancer Cell Polarity and Migration
Arja Ray, Rachel Edwards, Kianna Gedwillo, Marjorie Carlson, Paolo Provenzano
CE16 Engineering of Biomaterials Using Biomimetic Strategies and Intelligent Biopolymers
Jeremiah Riesberg, Bo Liu, Yang Liu, Andrew Lewis, Xingtong Wang, Wei Shen
CE17 Molecular Cell Engineering Laboratory
Casim A. Sarkar
CE18 Adaptation of ERK Signaling Relative to Collagen Transcription in Response to Continuous Versus Intermittent Cyclic Stretching
Jillian Schmidt, Kelley Chen, Robert Tranquillo
CE19 Antibiotic-resistance Transfer in Enterococcus is Controlled by Self-Sensing and Mate-sensing Signaling Pheromones
Che-Chi Shu, Arpan Bandyopadhyay, Yuqing Chen, Dawn A. Manias, Doraiswami Ramkrishna, Gary M. Dunny, Wei-Shou Hu
CE20 Influence of Mechanical Environment on Vascular Smooth Muscle Functional Contractility
Kerianne Steucke, Paige Voigt, Eric Hald, Patrick Alford
CE21 Kinesin-5 Promotes Disassembly of Long Kinetochore Microtubules in Candida Albicans
Emily Tubman, Kelsey McCoy, Allison Claas, Judith Berman, David J. Odde
CE22 Neural System Contributes to Tissue Regeneration
Derek Vang, Kalpna Gupta
CE23 Polymers for the Delivery of Drugs, Genes, and Cells
Chun Wang, W. Ji, D. Cross, D. Panus, X. Zhong, D. Zhu, W. Wang
CE24 Spatial Control of Cell Seeding in 2D Engineered Tissues
Zaw Win, Geoffrey D. Vrla, Emily N. Sevcik, Patrick W. Alford
CE25 Detection of the Effect of Nanoparticle Preconditioning in a Mouse Model of Prostate Cancer by MRI
Isabelle Iltis, Jeunghwan Choi, Manda Vollmers, Mithun Shenoi, John Bischof, Gregory J. Metzger


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