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Institute for Engineering in Medicine

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The Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM) at the University of Minnesota serves as a catalyst for facilitating multidisciplinary collaborations in research and education between the Academic Health Center and the College of Science and Engineering, in addition to fostering collaborations with the medical technology industry. Our mission is to advance healthcare through research partnerships between engineering and medicine involving academia and industry. This is truly where medicine meets technology for tomorrow’s innovations.


As health care costs continue to rise exponentially and the world's population ages, innovative and transformative approaches are needed now more than ever to deliver high-quality, safe and cost-effective care. IEM will champion the application of engineering technologies to generate innovative approaches for better treatment and management of a wide range of disorders. IEM members will develop programs that combine scientific advances with medical knowledge to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases that affect our society.

IEM integrates expertise in engineering technology, basic sciences, biological and medical sciences, and the social aspects of health care. The position of IEM within the University—along with the University’s strong relationship with the Minnesota state government, support of the public, and presence amidst the heart of the world’s medical device industry—provides a unique environment for integrating new technologies into clinical practice and patient care. IEM is positioned to advance multi-disciplinary engineering solutions for all types of health care, and will foster innovations from basic science and discovery with translations to patient care, technological commercialization, and societal impact.